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A little over 27 years ago, two young gentlemen started working in the same company. The first man graduated from one of the top universities in the country. The other didn’t graduate from a very good school and was even kicked out from college.

They were very much alike. Full of passion. Huge dream.

Both had put their heart to their work. They were both personable--as other workers of the company are--were filled with audacious goals for their own families.

Fast to forward to 27 years later...

They were still very much alike. Both were happily married. And both, as it turned out, had gone to different endeavours. Still with the same passion and dreams.

But there was a difference.

One of the men still works for the same company. The other put up his own and now is one of the BIG threes in a multimillion company here in the Philippines.

The Difference Maker

Have you ever wondered why a lot of people go to school for 4-5 years? And after 4-5 years work for a company. And yet after 4-5 years, they still don’t change their lives?

It’s not that other people want success while others don't.

With all the information that’s within our reach, there are things that don’t matter.

It doesn’t matter who you are. It doesn’t matter what your background is. What matters is what you do with that kind of information that you have.

We’re not against a good degree. As a matter of fact it helps. But for us, the degree is not going to guarantee.

And that is why we’re writing to you and to people like you. To tell you that wherever you are in your life right now, you can still go to where you want to be.

There is hope. The power lies in you.

If You Lost Your Job Today, How Long Would You Survive?

Imagine this with us..

You’re comfortably working for a company for 25 years. And then one day, your boss comes to you and suddenly tells you…

“This is your last day.”

How disastrous could that be?

Imagine if you lost your job. You lost your source of income.

How can you provide for your family? How can you pay for your bills? With all the responsibilities at hand!

This is the exact thing that happened to this lovely couple Benj and Fely.

Benj is a mechanical engineer while Fely is an industrial engineer. Both of them worked in the semiconductor industry for over 25 years and had senior management positions.

From being managers, supervisors and even director level!

They were earning very well. But they also spent very well. (Gastos dito gastos diyan).

That got them into debts. Can you guess how much?

...a whopping seven figure debts! Oh and not to mention all kinds of loans.

Name it, they had it!

What could have possibly gone wrong? It is this...

Spending their money they even haven’t earned yet.

And that got them into the rat race cycle.

Work hard. Pay bills. Spend. Borrow money. Work hard.

Is this familiar with you?

Money Can Work for You or Against You

“Debt is money working against us”- Benj

It was only later did they realize they were already buried in a quagmire of debt.

This went on and on for more than a decade. There were many sleepless nights!

Could you imagine how stressful and frustrating that was for them?

Fely recalled one night when she was down on her knees. She was desperate that God would take them out of this mess.

Later on, they lost their 6-figure income. Ouch!

All while having two of their children studying in La Salle.

There is Hope. Money Can Work for You.

Fast forward to today…

Benj and Fely are now financially free!

They are holding senior executive vice chairman positions at IMG.

They travel around the Philippines and the world to teach as many Filipinos how to save and invest correctly, and how to get out of bad debts.

They are actively leading a team of financial coaches. When they joined IMG in 2010,
They are now present in more than 23 countries, helping families achieve financial freedom and teaching people how to create wealth for their families.

How to Move from Debt to Life

Now, you’re probably asking these questions...What happened? What did they do differently?

Here’s the thing...

They had to humble themselves. That has led them to seek mentoring.

What seemed to be a tragedy, came out to be their greatest blessing!

They started their advocacy of financial literacy when they were introduced to the International Marketing Group (IMG).

Their learnings and realizations from that seminar ignited their deepest passion and mission to spread financial literacy in every Filipino family.

“We were transformed from spenders, to savers, to investors to entrepreneurs. “- Benj Santiago

And you know what’s the most important thing they did?

...investing in their financial education!

Financial Independence Does Not Have to be Hard or Mysterious - The Simple Path to Wealth will Make this Clear

FACT: Most financial industries are inclined to keep things complex so that you’ll pay them insanely high fees.

You are much better off doing it yourself and it is really quite simple.

It's not an easy task to go against all the financial pressures around you...

...eliminating your debt.

...spending less than you earn.

....overcoming the emotional inner self that discourages you to be frugal.

And not spend and stay out of debt but save and put money in financial instruments that help YOUR wealth to grow.

Agreeing or not...It is the only path to financial freedom. It’s up to you, it’s your choice!

If You Want to be Wealthy, Don’t let Other
People Do it for You. Do it for Yourself.

Here's what most people never seem to get...

It is better, and more interesting if you are the boss of money where money works for you, rather than breaking your back in working for the money. Do you agree?

However, this leads you to this difficulty...

...in order for money to work for you, you must have money

In IMG, we teach people how to make money and make money work for you.

But here’s what most people do…

They spend every single peso in their paychecks, and then run out and charge more on their CREDIT CARDS. Would you agree?

They live from hand to mouth, from paycheck to paycheck, and they never even dream of actually saving not even 10% of what they earn.

But how can you have money if you don't have any money?

Our personal opinion? The key to any financial success is right financial education with action.

No matter how much money you make, money isn't going to simply accumulate in your account. Not unless you purposefully and intentionally set it aside.

Money had a way of disappearing, as you well know.

But here’s what’s even more IMPORTANT…

By SIMPLY understanding how money works.

Sounds simple? It is.

And that’s what you’re about to find out here...

If you think there is another way to "financial freedom," you are simply misleading yourself.

Win the lottery? Gee, how many rich people do you know who became wealthy that way?

Answer: NONE.

Lottery winners usually run out and spend their winnings faster than they come in.

Most people turn this into a sort of middle-class welfare, and wind up as broke as they ever were.

Always Pay Yourself First

How do you want the idea of being financially free?

...that idea of waking up one day without worry of money.

...that day, when you’ll no longer have to think about the next cut off.

...that day when you’re handed your next paycheck because you no longer count the days to each of your payables and monthly dues!

It is possible.

And there’s a way.

Are you having a hard time understanding money? You don't know much about it? Do you have some debts but no savings?

Read on.

There's a surefire plan to learn how to become financially independent as you will ever find.

How Good Are You with Your Finances?

Making ends meet is a challenge for many of us. But hey, we’re NOT ONLY referring to those who are poor.

Allow us to share with you some statictics by the World Bank in collaboration with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP)...

The results indicate that 55% of respondents in the Philippines report not having enough money to pay for food or basic necessities. Not to mention that 26% say that this is a regular occurrence.

Do you know what’s even more interesting?

Insufficient income is not the only story.

Among other factors are providing financial help to others, overspending, unexpected expenditures due to illness or other emergencies, and lack of planning and budgeting.

Now that hurts!

People Have a Physical Check Up. But No One Ever Gets a Financial Check Up.

People tend to go for a physical check up when they experience physical problems.

A lot of people have financial problems, too! But do they really go for a financial check up??

Here’s the sad truth...

There’s more people sick in the pocket than sick in health.

Chisel this on a stone…

No one else is gonna change your life except you.You have to understand that its your responsibility and not other people's responsibility to change your life.

Changing your life is not about the rich getting richer or the poor getting poorer.

The rich get richer, that’s fine. But the average person has the right to become wealthy, too. And that includes YOU!

And yes there is a way. That is with the right information.

Do it Yourself. Change Your Life. Protect Your Family.

A lot of people are very successful simply because of knowledge.

And that’s what we want to show you..

Our main goal is to educate you. But unless you take charge, you really don’t know what will happen. So we need you to take action.

Don’t worry, we’ll guide you.

Your One-Stop-Shop to Everything You Need to Know on Financial Independence

It doesn’t matter what your background is. Heck, not even your level of education.

What matters is what you do with that kind of information that you have.

So we thought of a way to do it so SIMPLE so that everybody can do it.

So that YOU can do it, too!

And that’s our main advocacy.

We want to help create wealth for families. To make a difference for families so there will be No family left behind.

We are the International Marketing Group (IMG).

We help people Move from Dreaming to Doing. We bring life-changing financial concepts and solutions to middle income individuals and families who are overlooked by the financial industry.

Whether you’re a man or woman, old, young, married, unmarried...Even if you’re buried in debts or simply want to live a free, rich life?

...this will work for you!

With IMG, you’ll discover…

  • How you get educated on all aspects of personal finance...even if you don’t have no idea at all!
  • How to access hundreds of financial products and services.
  • How you can receive training and support to manage your money!
  • How you can save money on various products and services.
  • How you can Earn by sharing their know-how with associates in fast-growing industries!
  • Know how you can become your own money manager and financial educator!

Put these wealth-studded tips to work for you and you can soon eliminate your debts, gain financial independence, and live a RICH and FREE life!

Your Proven Roadmap to Wealth

So how serious are you about getting wealthy? Do you have the discipline to follow the simple "laws of wealth"? If so, when would NOW be a good time to get started?

Anybody can be successful in this business. As long as you follow the system.

You just have to trust the process.

To gain FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE, & live a RICH and FREE life, click here

Your Extremely Valuable and Helpful Platform
for a NEWBIE to Things Financial

But that’s not all there is to it.

IMG Benefit
IMG Benefit
IMG Benefit

You’ll get to enjoy these amazing and exclusive benefits once you join us! (did I just say exclusive??)





The Secret to Saving & Building Your Future

IMG Benefit

Read the book! Become your own Financial Educator!

Be ready for explosive, life-changing lessons... one page at a time! IMG made this easy-to-read, no-nonsense book available online, which simplifies the often mystical road to financial literacy and freedom.




IMG Benefit

Don't let money control you! Know how to protect, preserve, and make money work for you through the Financial Foundation Education Program exclusively offered to IMG Members! Learn the habits of successful people and become your own Money Manager through this workbook!

Free Financial Workshops

Explore the world of Financial Industry and discover new ideas to achieve a financially successful life through the FREE Financial E-Workshops exclusively on our website! This is your access to the most effective methods that are essentials to attain a finacially independent future.
Create the wealth for your family now and be part of the new and emerging Financial Industry!



IMG Benefit

Increase Cash Flow,
Debt Management

E-Workshop 1



IMG Benefit

Building a Strong
Financial Foundation,
Proper Protection

E-Workshop 2



IMG Benefit

Building Wealth,
Asset Accumulation

E-Workshop 3



IMG Benefit

Retirement Planning,
Wealth Preservation

E-Workshop 4



IMG Benefit

Building a business
in the Financial Industry

E-Workshop 5




Stay financially healthy with IMG's exclusive financial check up!

IMG Benefit

Attaining financial independence is not as difficult as everyone has been made to believe. It's only either you believe you're not in control of your finances or approaching it with a wrong mindset. This financial check-up will help you figure out the source of your financial problem, or which mindset or lifestyle of yours must be changed in order to achieve your goals.



IMG Benefit

Demonstrate your commitment in bringing financial independence and success by becoming an Associate Financial Planner, a professional designation awarded to Registered Financial Planners of the Philippines.
Differentiate yourselves among others whether locally or globally by taking leverage of one of the world's most recognized financial planning certification. Financially educate and lead people to financial freedom confidently and competently supported by the AFP Certification.





IMG Benefit

Associates to MD - Php 100,000
SMDs & EMDs - Php 200,000
CEOs & up - Php 300,000

*For all member's with active accreditation
*Standard underwriting guidelines will apply

Accidents may occur anytime, anywhere. Be secured for up to P300,000 in this FREE Personal Accident Insurance from our partner, Manila Bankers Life Insurance Corp.

All members with active accreditation receive this exclusive gift of yearly renewable policy that gives you protection in case of accidental death or dismemberment. Keeping real to the promise of providing safety and security for the future of your family.





IMG Benefit

*Need to fill up application form subject to underwriting process
*Pay one-time membership fee of P500 for Fidelity

Provide yourself the protection that will secure your loved one's life and future.
Fidelity Life Mutual Benefit Association Inc., is a microbusiness life insurance corporation that offers life assistance worth P50,000 with 24/7 free memorial concierge through Everest Memorial Service.






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*With Multi-Coated Lens purchase. Maximum of 2 pairs/year

Enjoy FREE eye check-up with a computerized eye examination and receive a maximum of 2 pairs of IMG & Kaiser Frames per year with multi-coated lens purchases at participating De Los Reyes Optical, Kaiser Medical Center and Site for Eyes branches.




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Financial Education is not just for the wealthy, and good health is not just for the rich! Take advantage of FREE UNLIMITED medical consultation for Members through our official clinic partner, Kaiser Medical Center.




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Not feeling good? Come over to Kaiser Medical Center and avail the discounted medical services exclusively offered to Members! Remember that good health is an important investment so ensure now that your health is at its peak!




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Bring your family members to their annual medical examinations or consultations to monitor their health and fitness. Maximize the discounted price in medical services offered by Kaiser Medical Center especially for your immediate family members!




IMG Benefit

Start your journey to financial freedom by taking a big step in acquiring your first ever mutual fund investment!

Get an IMG Soldivo Strategic Growth Fund through the automatic mutual fund investor program for new IMG Members, whereas P1,000 from your membership fee will serve as your initial capital for your mutual fund investment.

*Disclaimer: IMG does not sell mutual funds. All mutual funds are sold by Rampver Financials.





IMG Benefit
  • Long-Term Care

  • Short-Term Care

  • Senior Care

The first step in building a strong financial foundation is securing your healthcare and by this we mean finding the best health care provider that will give you the right products and services to guarantee your success in the future!

The 1st Name in Healthcare, Kaiser International Healthgroup Inc., is the perfect HMO for you and your family! Geared to address the long-term health care needs of individuals, Kaiser's products are perfect even after your employment and retirement years!




IMG Benefit

Safeguard your family's life by protecting your own through the Manila Bankers Life Insurance Corp., products, and services exclusively for IMG Members!

Sign yourself up for one of the most affordable life insurance packages offered in the industry today, the Multiple Option Super Term 18 - commonly known as M.O.S.T. 18 - and the new Income Replacement Assurance product - a unique, yearly renewable product that gives protection by providing compensation for lost income in case of hospital confinement. This benefit also includes the Everest Memorial Solution that takes care of everything related to memorial services.




IMG Benefit

Take advantage of the FREE Investment Seminars exclusively provided by the best Investment Firms in the country! Explore more about Mutual Funds, Investments and many more at 0% entry fee. Grab the opportunity to effectively navigate the stock market and succeed in your investment!

*Disclaimer: IMG does not sell mutual funds. All mutual funds are sold by Rampver Financials.




with FREE investment guidance, analysis & updates

IMG Benefit

Access all the latest investment updates, guidelines and analysis from one of the best online trading tools available in the market today, MyTrade. Offering the most advanced platform in the trading portal industry that is backed with robust infrastructure, MyTrade produces an incisive analysis of which you need to make a smooth, profitable and truly personal trading.




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Have no fear in defying aging and diseases through the painless Ozone Therapy! Equipped with the latest and safest technology, Ozone Therapy helps remedy your unwanted medical conditions such as arthritis, viral diseases, ischemic heart disease and even cancer!




Pay your membership fee, premiums and many more through Palawan Express Pera Padala!

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Offering special rates to all IMG Members, Palawan Express Pera Padala, with more than 4,000 branches and partners worldwide, now accepts IMG Payments ranging from your membership fee to premium and billing payments without hassle and worry!





  • Car Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Fire Insurance
  • Personal Accident
  • Bond
  • Marine Cargo

Call: 586-5471 Loc. 553

Email: nonlife@img-corp.com

IMG Benefit
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Take good care of what you worked hard for! Protect your properties and other assets by getting the best term section and non-life insurance from our long-time partners in the casualty-insurance industry! Find the best value for your money from our amazing partners!




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Have you been dreaming of moving to a bigger house? Then now's your chance to make that dream happen! Purchase your dream house by availing the Member's discounted price exclusively offered by the biggest Real Estate Developers in the country!




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Lay in rest peacefully surrounded by the beauty and calmness of nature at the Haven of Infinity, Batangas. Get special discounts on memorial lots and internment packages for a seamless and uncomplicated commemoration of life.




How to Talk Online So That Networks like you & People love you & Buy from you.

Benefit 17




Passive selling: How to create a 24/7 selling machine that multiplies sales on auto pilot using the power email marketing

Benefit 17




How to position yourself as an expert, generate leads and build relationships by writing a book even if you're not a writer

Benefit 17




Case Study: how funnels help you focus on your ideal audience and grow your income through real estate (and just about any business)

Benefit 17

Keep abreast of evolving technology and ever-changing industry through the special courses offered here!

Enjoy the discounted prices of Special Courses offered exclusively by the best Mentors and Coaches in the industry of Online Media, Email Marketing, Book Writing, and Real Estate! Open your box of creativity and explore more what you are made of through these Special Courses that also provide certifications!





IMG Benefit

Leaving the world is an eventual process, and the Everest Memorial Service is our partner in providing convenience and peace of mind in the time of deep sorrow in the family. Everest Memorial Service, the first-ever in the country to offer a 24/7 Memorial Concierge aims to help the family lessen the grief of arranging for their loved one's funeral.




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Do not let your family go through the challenges and difficulties of inheriting your assets and properties. Get access to the best tools and services that will help you set-up a corporation for asset preservation. Protect your family now! Create your own corporation at a member's discounted price!




Bring home your dream car through the IMG Auto Program!

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Enjoy HUGE savings and hassle-free personalized assistance as you finally avail the car of your dreams! Drive it towards success now!





  • Own a business
  • Become a Financial Educator
  • Own your time
  • Online System
  • Help Families
  • Achieve the income
    you want
  • Become Debt Free

Discover the world of Financial Industry and become your own Financial Educator! Create a business from this field while managing your time freely. Build a strong community and help people develop a strong financial foundation! Become debt-free and make more families and individuals attain a financially independent life!




Get on awesome adventures. Experience grandiose at cruise ship dinners! Attend life changing conventions here and abroad, and be able to qualify to join exclusive trips.

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Experience a monumental transformation from the amazing rewards waiting for you! Your breakthroughs and success in bringing families to the peak of financial freedom is a celebration that should never be ignored!




Relentless efforts, dedication, and passion will never be left unnoticed for these traits are bound to be recognized wherever in the world!

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Need to qualify IMG's recognition program

Receive world-class recognition for your unselfish mission! The Elite Rings, Gold Pins, Watch, and the Dream Car, are all yours for the taking, Financial Educator! Your hard work will definitely pay off!




BIG Promotions, BIGGER possibilities!
Blessings will come pouring as you continuously achieve your destiny!

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Must meet Minimum Requirements

Get an exclusive FREE health care coverage once you get promoted to Marketing Director, Senior Marketing Director or any of the Executive positions! Health is the key for a financially free life! Make sure to qualify!

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If you try to buy a 30 million worth franchise in McDonalds, even if it doesn’t yield results, you're not going to quit just yet.

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I wish, we’ll let you pay more for you not to quit. But we believe you’re going to make it!

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So, How Serious Are You About Getting Wealthy?

Remember one of the 2 men in the story you just read at the beginning?

I’m talking about my good friend Bart, my fellow CEO here in the International Marketing Group.

Now right back at you...

Do you have the discipline to follow the simple "laws of wealth"? If so, when would NOW be a good time to get started?

I wish we had a way to let you know…

That this message is organic—no other agenda item hangs in secret, other than to lay out a simple plan which will connect with you and get you results.

Preparation takes time.

The best time to start preparing was YESTERDAY.

The next best time? TODAY.

“Yes, I Want to Gain FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE, & live a RICH and FREE life!”

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Here's a recap of the top benefits that you will get when you join IMG.

Benefit #1
Free best-selling E-book "The Secrets To Saving and Building Your Future"

Benefit #2
Free exclusive financial E-workbook "Financial Foundation Educational Program"

Benefit #3
Free exclusive and unlimited financial E-workshop "Increase Cash Flow. Debt Management"

Benefit #4
Free exclusive and unlimited financial E-workshop "Building a Strong Financial Foundation. Building Proper Protection"

Benefit #5
Free exclusive and unlimited financial E-workshop "Building Wealth and Asset Accumulation"

Benefit #6
Free exclusive and unlimited financial E-workshop "Retirement Planning and Wealth Preservation"

Benefit #7
Free exclusive and unlimited financial E-workshop "Building a Business in the Financial Industry"

Benefit #8
Stay financially healthy with IMG's Exclusive financial check up

Benefit #9
Exclusive Member's Price on Associate Financial Planner Certification Program, one of the world's most-recognized financial planning certification

Benefit #10
Up to P300,000 Free Personal Accident Insurance (subject to standard underwriting guidelines)

Benefit #11
P50,000 Life insurance with 24/7 memorial concierge service tie-up with EVEREST
*Need to fill out application form
*Subject to underwriting guidelines
*Pay one-time membership fee of Php500 for Fidelitylife

Benefit #12
FREE computerized eye exam
FREE IMG AND KAISER frames (with multi-coated lens purchase. Maxiumum of 2 pairs per year)

Benefit #13
Unlimited FREE consultation for Members at any of Kaiser Medical Center branches

Benefit #14
Discounted medical services for Members at any of Kaiser Medical Center branches

Benefit #15
Discounted medical services for Member's immediate family at any of Kaiser Medical Center branches

Benefit #16
FREE P1,000 initial investment in IMG Soldivo Strategic Growth Fund

Benefit #17
Access to the best long term, short term and senior care healthcare products

Benefit #18
Access to Life insurance products exclusive for IMG members

Benefit #19
FREE unlimited investment seminars and zero entry fee on mutual fund investments

Benefit #20
Access to stocks online trading platform with free investment guidance, analysis and updates

Benefit #21
Access to Ozone therapy, the latest technology in defeating pain, defying age, at member's price

Benefit #22
Special rates for money transfers and convenient payment facility through our partnership with Palawan Express

Benefit #23
Save money on non-life insurance coverage for your car, home and properties

Benefit #24
Savings on purchase of real estate properties from the country's leading real estate companies

Benefit #25
Special discount on memorial lots and Interment packages

Benefit #26
Special discounts in Special Courses: Online Media courses like how to talk online so your networks, people you love will buy from you.

Benefit #27
Special discounts in special courses: How to Create a 24/7 selling machine that multiplies sales on Auto Pilot using the Power of email marketing

Benefit #28
Special discounts in special courses: How to position yourself as an expert, generate leads and build relationships by writing a book even if you re not a writer

Benefit #29
Special discounts in special courses: How funnels help you focus on your ideal audience and grow your income

Benefit #30
Free 24/7 Memorial Concierge service, the first in the Philippines

Benefit #31
Protect your assets through Asset Preservation Service available at member's exclusive price.

Benefit #32
Huge savings, personalized assistance for a hassle-free car purchase experience through IMG's Auto Program

Benefit #33
Build and own your business in the Financial Industry / become a Financial Educator / Own your time / Online system / Help families / Achieve the income you want / Become debt-free

Benefit #34
Travel the world through IMG's business rewards program/ Vacation / cruises/ conventions

Benefit #35
Qualify for exclusive and world-class recognition : rings / pins / watch / car

Benefit #36
Free HMO Coverage for MDs, SMDs and Executives

“Yes, I Want to Gain FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE, & live a RICH and FREE life!”

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Here’s What Members Say About the
International Marketing Group

Success leaves clues!

You can also earn what the wealthy are earning. How?

We bring the secrets of the wealthy to you.

But don’t take our word for it…

Learn from these stories we’re about to share with you…

...let’s start off with the story of this simple woman!

Watch how a big-time spender transforms into a responsible saver.

A testament of Hard work. Take a sneak peek on how this powerful couple defeated their debts. Witness how International Marketing Group introduced Mr. and Mrs. Labrado to Financial Literacy.

What will you do if your debts are too high and yet your income is too low?

Jessica Estorgio was once a daughter of a simple farmer who wanted to escape from poverty. Until she knew about the International Marketing Group.

Through their dedication and hard work, Jessica now achieved financial freedom through IMG.

Be inspired how Jessica Estorgio started her journey toward success.

Watch how Matin Leaño turned her back against poverty.

Be motivated how the International Marketing Group has guided her towards Financial Literacy.

Learn how Dr. Jaime Lorenzeo Jr. found his true passion in the International Marketing Group.

Hear IMG turning point story of Ojing Osana having the courage to stand up amidst the unfavorable circumstances brought by life.

Learn how Mrs. Shirley San Miguel survived one of her greatest struggles in life. Be inspired how The International Marketing Group guided her towards success.

Be inspired by how Jess Faller Jr. achieved his goals through the International Marketing Group. Watch how he put his life back into the track of success.

Many OFWs endured living miles away from their families to provide for their future. We heard of stories of difficulties and sacrifices, hardships, and pain, but there were also some who experienced blessed encounters that gave them hope and motivation in life. Thess Bacani was one of our successful IMG OFWs who were lucky enough to meet the person that changed her life for the best. Listen to her journey on IMG Turning point Story.

Will you wait for the worst to happen before you start saving and investing for your future? Listen to Christina Pepito as she shares her turning point story on how IMG turned her life for good and saved her from her own debts and loans.

IMG does not only change the lives of families who are impoverished and living a financially difficult life, but it also transforms people's perspective of their mission in this lifetime.

Let this couple share their inspiring story of how they found their life-purpose through IMG.

“ No family left behind! It is for lowest to middle performers to top
notch performers. ” When he retired, he even brought his entire family, including those
still studying, into the IMG business.

Your story will be the next featured story.

With what we had experience, we can guide everyone. And yes, you will be properly guided too until you reach financial freedom.

“Yes, I Want to Gain FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE, & live a RICH and FREE life!”

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